Saturday, May 27, 2006

Snarky pharmacuticals....

I was checking my Walgreens RX listings online this morning, and I found something interesting. Walgreens had filled another prescription from my "retired doctor" (that they allegedly cannot fill anything for). Veddy interesting.

So, me being my nice, unobtrusive self, gave them a little ringy-dingy. "Good morning, could I speak with the pharmacist?" (So as not to speak to one of the monosyllabic, robotic "pharmacy tech drones". )

"Pharmacist speaking.."

"Great, listen, you filled a script from Dr. X (not his real name, ha, ha). I was wondering, could you fill the additional script, that already has a refill due?" Again, I am calm on the phone, ultra polite.

And what follows is ten minutes, (ten minutes!) of absolute silence. The chasm of telephonic nothingness filled only by the rapid "clickity-click" of my pharmacist typing God Knows What into her massive RX database.

And I wait. Patiently. Biting my fingers, (yes, the actual fingers), and shaking just ever so slightly.

"Oh.....oh, yes, I see that here. You can come pick it up in about an hour."

Deep breath. Very deep breath. "Thank you, that would be just fine."

Damn (or DAY-um, really), did that just really happen? I've been calling doctors on Mars for six days trying to get this filled, and the pharm finally "gets the concept", as it were?

Well, I went to my part-time job, still not daring to hope that the script would be waiting for me after work.

But, there it was (along with the other scripts that I take virtually daily: folic acid, time-release potassium, etc....)

Colour me a happy camper. A very happy camper. I guess it all depends on who you talk to and when you talk to them.

Or, as I wrote to my closest friend this morning: "When you really, really need your honey, talk directly to the Queen Bee."

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I just went to get my bag of food from the food bank. They give out one bag (one single bag) of food per person, per month.

They are very nice at the food bank, good people. Doing their best, I'm sure. In my bag, though, was 2 boxes of jello, 2 cans of green beans, and a container of bread crumbs. aah, ok, sure, whatever, have a nice day!

Please don't get me wrong, I'm grateful. That is more food than I had this morning.

But as I sit here in my afterthought of a kitchen, how do I make a "meal" of this? Um, put the beans in the jello, and cover with a layer of bread crumbs?

Or, just make the jello, fill myself up on that and tap water. hmm.

This is the begining

Just another day. Not necessarily ordinary, just another crushingly non-descript day. As I look high and low for a job, I wonder if it is even worth it. Noone seems to call me back, except for the people that I cannot reach by car. (I **hate** not having a damn car.)

Stupid event of the day: I e-mailed the Ellen talk show about needing a car. (after all, she gave away a truck on the show this morning.) I know that I am not even going to get an automated response, but, like I said, it was a dumb thing to do in the first place.

Second stupid event of the day: in my quest to get a *new* primary care doctor (my old one went into retirement suddenly) I have been foiled again. I had made an appointment with a doctor for next Tuesday. The nurse called me today and said "The doctor has been exposed to MEASLES, you'll have to reschedule." So I did. Now, my prescription will not be filled for another two and a half WEEKS.

I should be in a pretty state by then.