Saturday, May 27, 2006

Snarky pharmacuticals....

I was checking my Walgreens RX listings online this morning, and I found something interesting. Walgreens had filled another prescription from my "retired doctor" (that they allegedly cannot fill anything for). Veddy interesting.

So, me being my nice, unobtrusive self, gave them a little ringy-dingy. "Good morning, could I speak with the pharmacist?" (So as not to speak to one of the monosyllabic, robotic "pharmacy tech drones". )

"Pharmacist speaking.."

"Great, listen, you filled a script from Dr. X (not his real name, ha, ha). I was wondering, could you fill the additional script, that already has a refill due?" Again, I am calm on the phone, ultra polite.

And what follows is ten minutes, (ten minutes!) of absolute silence. The chasm of telephonic nothingness filled only by the rapid "clickity-click" of my pharmacist typing God Knows What into her massive RX database.

And I wait. Patiently. Biting my fingers, (yes, the actual fingers), and shaking just ever so slightly.

"Oh.....oh, yes, I see that here. You can come pick it up in about an hour."

Deep breath. Very deep breath. "Thank you, that would be just fine."

Damn (or DAY-um, really), did that just really happen? I've been calling doctors on Mars for six days trying to get this filled, and the pharm finally "gets the concept", as it were?

Well, I went to my part-time job, still not daring to hope that the script would be waiting for me after work.

But, there it was (along with the other scripts that I take virtually daily: folic acid, time-release potassium, etc....)

Colour me a happy camper. A very happy camper. I guess it all depends on who you talk to and when you talk to them.

Or, as I wrote to my closest friend this morning: "When you really, really need your honey, talk directly to the Queen Bee."


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