Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Do you hear what I f***-ing hear??

Up late watching Leno, and typing typing typing (more about the typing in a later post). Anyway, Leno says: "And now, David Lee Roth!" But I'm not looking at the TV screen (again with the damnable typing), and I'm hearing....banjos, violins, acoustic guitars--wait, what the ---?

Good old (eek, seriously old, have you seen this guy, yikes!) Diamond Dave, creakin' out the oldies. He's croaking out "Jump" from the Van Halen days---with this weird-ass backup band.

It was like a bad bluegrass/klesmer hybred (uh, maybe that should be inbred) music or something. They even played the Eddie guitar solo, on banjo (with Dave 'tweeing about, saying "Now it's a Union song!") Huh, a union song, wha..?

Finally, the picking, and ticking, and plucking was done. Or so I thought. Dave then said: "One more time!", and the damnable cacophany began again.

And I, in desparation and frustration, began to slowly bang my head against the back of my wooden chair. Bang. Bang. Banjos!! No. Bang. Fiddlers!! Aargh! Bang. bangbangbangbang. Ouch. and.... finis