Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chatting with Tom

Hey gang, hey deputies, just me here, checking in.

I've either been lucky or a bit obsessed last week, not sure which.

I've been "accessing" a high-speed computer to see the site and the videos throughout the week. I'm normally a "dial-up deputy", don't even have a disposable camera, dudes.

But, last week, I got to talk with Tom. Three times. No, no joke. If you watch long enough, and you can really carry on a conversation once you get though, (and not let the 45 second delay mess with your head) you, too, can eventually talk with Tom.

Tom, talking to you doesn't intimidate me in the slightest. I love to chat with you, have arguments over the "national" internet. (Christ, that was a weird, funny conversation.)

Then, in another call, trying to convince you in the middle of (my) night to let me volunteer to run some sound for you, install some acoustical tiles, at least.

That last one wasn't necessarily a funny conversation, but it was real, a genuine argument, some give and take.

What was that like? Kinda like....this:

Tom: "I don't think you can help, I really don't."

Hannah: "Well, Tom, I have worked at CNN and WOR (radio) for a few years, as a script writer. But, hey, if that's not valid experience...."

Tom: (thoughtfully), "You know, I read your e-mails. And I (unintelligebile)...consider them."

Hannah: "Just know that I'm out here, will work for free. I can see it now, me and Zack, living on no sleep. Zack could get the guests, I could get the TALLY LIGHTS!" (ok, I only said part of that sentence, but that is what I was thinking.)

Tom: "Thank you , Hannah"

Hannah: "Thanks, Tom."

Tom: "Hannah, Hannah? Good night, thank you, thank you."

And it went on like that for about 20 seconds, him saying good bye to me, and me saying thank you and good night to him. Well, it cracked ME up, anyway.

In all seriousness, though, this conversation took place on a "rough" technical night.

Robert, since I apparently can't be right next to you to make this happen, please try these things:

1) LISTEN to Tom. The minute he's "on air", you're ALL "on air". Robert, you gotta listen to everything he says, and "feel" the rhythm and structure of the show. Is it multi-tasking? You betcha! Can you do it? Yes, Robert, you can.

All right, I'll stop with the instructions here. For tonight anyway.

And, another weekie-week begins on He'll be with Jay tomorrow (cool beans, as some of us say in Boston). Rock the mike Tom.

I will work on getting my OWN tech situation a little more into the 21st century. Christ, at least get a sound card! For cryin' out loud!

Maybe if I can help myself....I could help Tom?