Wednesday, August 09, 2006

good morning

Well, here it is, my first morning as a deputy @ Very cool.
I just caught the shortest of tests, not even a test really, where Tom was talking to New York about the phones. Seemed a little, oh, let's call it, frustrated? If you guys have been watching, you know how it goes.

I wonder if paragraphs and things will work on this part of the site, well, I guess we'll find out.
A few things about me. I'm in Boston, older than quite a few of the deputies (older than Tom, by a few, even).

Currently looking for a job (just lost my job the other day, that sucked pretty much.)
My brother had a radio show for years on WOR710 in NYC, now it's just his wife doing the show. He also had a very short lived program on CNN. Ah, the vagaries of broadcasting. It was weird though, walking down the hallway of my apartment, and all the televisions would be tuned to his program. Not popular enough for long enough, I guess.

Though, through my brother, I did get to meet just about everybody in radio at one point or another. Howard Stern (very calm and laid back when he's in a "normal"/"non-performance" setting.)to G. Gordon Liddy (every bit as scary as you would imagine him to be.) A little too intense for my taste.

And, I used Dick Cavett's dressing room at CNBC once (but perhaps that's a story best left untold.)

Oh yeah, and Tom....I don't have a videocam, by the way. (eeek! do my deputy priviledges, such as they are, get revoked now?)

Well, all of my friends have been after me to write more (I live, shall we say, a colourful life). The more you get taken away from you (jobs, car, sums of cash, people you love), the more colorful it becomes. So maybe this will be the impetus to get me writing more.

Or to at least get you kids to look up what the hell "impetus"means.

(Just kidding, gang, we all seem to be fairly happy in our electronic homes, although the phones are fucked, and we have no tally lights!)

Nah, it will all get sorted in time, just you watch.

Off for another adventure. Catch you guys later. Peace out (am I old to say "peace out"?) Screw it.
Peace out it is.