Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Macaw in the Tree

Ok, this is the last entry for tonight. I swear.

Sitting here, watching the 11:00 news, and there was a story of a man who owned a macaw.

Seemed like the bird decided he wanted to take a sightseeking the top of a 60 foot tall pine tree.

The owner did the only responsible thing: called the fire department, who brought out their biggest ladder, and then the owner (who also happened to be a rock climber) scurried right up and brought the bird down.

The owner was holding the bird like Tom holds Red Murphy, upside down, cradled in his arms. The bird, however, was making the MOST godawful noise, almost like a human screaming.

You could tell the poor thing had not had a good day.

Said the owner of his exploits: "Hey, this bird has a life span of 60, 70 years. How could I not rescue him."

The bird, anything but nonplussed, swquaked his agreement.

(ok, guys, it's a story. I didn't say it was a funny story.)

Jesus, it's time for Conan and an Ambien.

Night, Rex Murphy.

Night, Tom.