Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My falling apart world

I'm from Boston. Boston is a great town, don't get me wrong, but this week, it is a positively frightening place to live.

In order to get anywhere in town, you, at some point, have to go through any one of the many tunnels in town. And the tunnels are falling apart. Literally.

On Monday night, at approximately 11:00 p.m., a steel tieback that suspends the concrete ceiling inside the tunnel structure failed near the eastern portal of the eastbound I-90 Connector tunnel leading to the Ted Williams Tunnel in South Boston, causing four three-ton sections of ceiling to collapse. A section of ceiling fell on top of a car traveling through the tunnel, killing newlywed 38-year-old passenger Milena Del Valle and slightly injuring her husband Angel Del Valle, who was driving. The Boston Globe noted that similar tiebacks were in use in the Ted Williams Tunnel, as well as in 17 places on I-90. Attorney General Tom Reilly issued subpoenas to those involved in the construction and testing of the tunnels in which criminal charges may follow.

Boston has a history of monumental mismanagement and colossal incompetence when it comes to the Big Dig. The Big Dig is the largest construction project in America (seriously, it is).

I just hope that the Chairman of the Turnpike Authority is summarily drummed out of office. If he is tried in a court of law for criminal negilence concerning the events of Monday night, so much the better.

As it sits right now, the tunnels are closed, the people are frightened, and I am riding my bicycle until this is resolved.

Oh, and I have to figure out a way to get to Cambridge for a big job interview next week. Groan.....